If you search Google for Dental Insurance, you will find hundreds of companies that sell dental insurance. AND, you will find thousands of companies that sell memberships and discount cards. For the average individual or family who is in need of affordable coverage, the internet provides so many options that it is difficult for the consumer to even know where to begin.

TOP Dental Insurance is a free site to help guide you in the correct direction to find the dental product that best fits your needs.


First and foremost, there are a few dental companies that are the TOP providers for coverage. Call us if you need help finding dental insurance 877-991-4249. 



Save time and money and work with the TOP Dental Insurance Agency, QuoteFinder.Org .


Most Americans recognize this brand as UnitedHealthcare underwrites for many types of health coverage. For Medicare they underwrite for many AARP products including Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans offered by Secure Horizons. For individual health insurance they offer coverage through UnitedHealthOne, and they also offer individual dental insurance.



If immediate dental care is you primary aim, HumanaOne has some excellent policies offered through the Humana Dental C505 which has limited network, but instant coverage for the person who has been negligent on dental hygiene and is in urgent need or root canals and crowns. However they also offer other plans as well, like the Dental Preventive Plus, Dental Discount, and Humana vision. Humana does offer very affordable coverage for large families looking to control costs.

Dental and Vision Insurance

If you are shopping for both vision and dental insurance or if only your sight is bad, you could just check for individual vision insurance which has instant coverage for the person in desperate need of vision coverage. The insurance is very affordable for large families looking to control medical costs. If medical, dental, and vision are needed, United Health One may be the best option and you can get health insurance quotes can be checked online. 


DentalPlans has a huge presence on the internet and does offer discounted coverage. These plans are good for people who need a whole mouth full of work. The plans are paid for yearly, so the up from out of pocket cost to start the plan is usually over $100 a month. DentalPlans does not offer real dental insurance, it is simply a discount plan. Nevertheless, some people do find value in this product. We would not recommend this product as it is NOT insurance.


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